Seattle Center Monorail - a Photo Essay
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another Monorail Society Exclusive!

The controls remain essentially the same as they always have been. Seattle has the only remaining ALWEG-built monorail trains in the world. All other ALWEG-style trains were built by other companies (Hitachi/Disney/Bombardier/Monorail Malaysia).

Seattle Center Station is very much the way it was for the fair. While it looks like it is at ground level, there is actually a maintenance facility built below the trains...

...and that's where we are going now. On warm days, anyone can sneak a peak under the trains on the west side of the station through this gate. Note the train parked to the left. There are some tires for the train just inside to the right. See the "WEG" lettering? Plug it in and this is what you get...

The original sign that stood above the monorail during the fair now sits in the maintenance area. Take care of it friends, it should go in a monorail museum some day!

Not only am I a fan of monorails, but I love art deco design. I don't think I've ever seen the train from this angle before!

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