Inuyama Monorail - a Photo Essay
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TMS member David Kamada took the following four pictures in the mid-2000s. No problem finding the monorail, as signs not only point you in the direction of the monorail platform, but they also show the destination stations on the monorail line.

The Animal Planet train, as it waits for us to board for a ride to Japan Monkey Park. (photo by David Kamada)

Classic prototype lines from 1962, operating four decades later. (photo by David Kamada)

Here's a nice view of the operator's controls looking towards the end of the Inuyama-Yuen Station. (photo by David Kamada)

At the other end of the train are identical controls. Note the grade right after the station, which is at an amazing 9.7%.

Before we ride to Japan Monkey Park (note upholstery), please review the escape equipment instructions!

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