Inuyama Monorail - a Photo Essay
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As the monorail leaves the canyon, there is a short stretch as it approaches the gardens of Japan Monkey Park. Here I was able to get some up close and personal looks at the well-weathered guideway.

Over forty years of harsh weather conditions have certainly aged the pylons and guideway. Contrast this look to the well-groomed beams of Disneyland, California, which date back to the same era.

As we arrive at the destination park, we get a nice look at the gardens, which have yet to bloom.

The highest above ground track is right before our station, and as of 2003 some strange structure had been added below the guideway. Is it strictly to capture falling carbon dust, or to beef up the structure of the aging pylons?

Japan Monkey Park Station is a ground-level station. (photo by David Kamada)

Behind the station is the maintenance shed, complete with a transfer track. (photo by David Kamada)

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