Inuyama Monorail - a Photo Essay
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Here we are at the 9.7% grade section. On my first visit to Inuyama in 1990, I didn't notice one of the most amazing features of the monorail. It wasn't until I reviewed video from onboard that I noticed the monorail crosses directly over a graveyard! When I saw that, I knew I had to return some day to have a look and take some pictures.

The ultimate location for monorailist's final resting place, wouldn't you say?

After crossing over the graveyard, our sharply-dressed operator (note white gloves) pilots us to the first station. (photo by Kevin Barbee)

The monorail passes Narita-san Temple Inuyama, a Shingon Buddhist temple, which opened in 1953.

A very basic open-air platform station exists at Narita-sen temple, and it's our only stop between the terminal stations. (photo by David Kamada)

After departing Narita-sen, we ride through another very unique feature of the Inuyama Monorail, a man-made canyon carved into a hill.

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