Seattle Center Monorail 2010 - a Photo Essay
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Another Monorail Society Exclusive!

Commentary by Russell Noe' & Kim Pedersen

All photos copyright The Monorail Society

Kim: The speed is listed both in the central black rectangle, as well as with a narrow needle pointing to the speedometer arc. Depending on where we are on the track, the red area of the arc tells the driver what speeds to stay under for safe operation.
Russ: For the first time in the Monorails’ life, we now have sufficient information available to monitor and troubleshoot the “invisible” drive systems. Fortunately after the rebuild and initial testing of the Trains, there has been little reason to troubleshoot anything!
Note the Amp reading and the two horizontal green bars under it. These show current in the two separate drive systems of the Train, which must remain balanced for the trains to operate properly. New data!

Kim: The Blue Train gathers speed as it heads up Fifth Avenue.
Russ: The 48-year old Beam and Pier (62 total) system has survived three significant earthquakes with no damage or misalignment! It was designed to be flexible, for just such events. ALWEG brilliance!

Kim: Looking north, the iconic Space Needle appears at the other end of the .9-mile track.

Kim: The view from the passenger’s favorite front seat, one of the best monorail seats for view in the world.
Russ: Kids of all ages literally run to get these “in-your-face” seats!

Kim: Running red lights since 1962, need we say more? Evidently, transit planners still don’t get it.

Kim: We’re slowing down as we make a few gentle banked turns into Seattle Center.
Russ: If the Drivers fail to slow down to the programmed speeds, an auto-stop will occur.

Kim: Final approach after punching our way through the Experience Music Project, which now also includes a Science Fiction Museum. Experience Music Project was built around the track, providing an elevated ‘tunnel moment,’ especially fun for young riders.

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