Seattle Center Monorail 2010 - a Photo Essay
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Another Monorail Society Exclusive!

Commentary by Russell Noe' & Kim Pedersen

All photos copyright The Monorail Society

Kim: A view of the same area from below the track, as the trains approach the near-ground level Seattle Center Station.
Russ: Note the protective stainless steel “shields” under the beams. They keep people away from the trains and the 700 VDC power rails.

Kim: An even lower view! With permission of our gracious host, I carefully crawled under the station track for this unique view. Normally mere mortals such as pedestrians aren’t allowed to get close enough to monorails to bonk heads on monorail track or trains.
Russ: You are also seeing the work shop where all maintenance happens. Because the system was never designed to remain in service beyond 3-5 years, there are no “permanent “ shops with drop-tables and other “required” maintenance devices for monorails.

Kim: While the Blue Train unloads and loads above, Russ shows TMS member #2, Carol Pedersen, the workings of an ALWEG train.
Russ: Behind the orange protective barrier in the background, Red Train is undergoing its restoration.

Kim: Since the track is quite low in the station, for maintenance access, we can get a real close-up look at the guide wheels. Note the “run-flat” mounted under the tire, for the rare event of a tire blowout.
Russ: The run-flat discs limit the movement of the train, so it doesn’t hit the very close station walls!

Kim: I’ve been fortunate all these years to be married to someone that supports my passion of monorail, and here was her chance to directly support a monorail.
Russ: Atlas shrugged?

Kim: Carol shot this photo, properly entitled “Kid in a Candy Store.” Yes, the track was live and I was well aware of it!
Russ: The exposed upper rail is power negative (close to earth ground), while the positive 700 VDC rail is the lower one, partially covered in both stations by the orange insulator box.

Kim: Here’s the sign currently residing at Seattle Center Station. I was surprised at the scope of the current project, it really is quite an undertaking.
Russ: Understatement!

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