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Daegu Monorail - a Photo Essay
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Photos by Kim and Carol Pedersen
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Daegu Monorail graciously permitted The Monorail Society to place their GoPro camera right up against the front window, which resulted in an amazing Point Of View YouTube video: Daegu Monorail - POV (2015). The footage captures the entire length of the system in real time.

For those of you that haven't gone on a monorail photography mission, you should know that pre-trip research and onsite exploration is required to get the best angles for video and still images. This view of the spectacular new monorail bridge over Sincheon River required exploring a nearby apartment complex, riding questionable elevators, and opening doors to emergency stairways.

Carol captured this image of The Monorail Society President, while he enjoyed the view and hoped building security wouldn't challenge our presence.

The guideway has been built to Hitachi's specifications by Korean companies. The ride quality is very good, a testament to Mr. Ahn and all the companies involved.

Alweg monorail track, still going strong, all these years after its invention in the 1950s.

Stations are clean and well designed. With help of a station mirror, this thumbs-up selfie was taken during one of quiet moments mid-day. As always, Mr. Pedersen thanks Mrs. Pedersen for accompanying him on so many monorail adventures. Lucky guy!

Informative display screens let waiting passengers know where trains are in relation to the station.

This colorful mosaic was part of several stations.

Up close you can see the many faces of people involved in the development of the monorail. Clever!

The narrow guideways blend well with the urban environment of Daegu.


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