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Daegu Monorail - a Photo Essay
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Photos by Kim and Carol Pedersen
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At the north end of the monorail the maintenance/storage facility is visible from KNU Medical Center Station. Note the switches for train reversal at this terminal station.

With a little off-road hill climbing you can see the facility, nestled in a small valley.

At night these beams are filled with trains, at day most of them are serving on Line 3.

Sunset in Daegu. Let's have a look at the monorail at night.

You wouldn't believe the dark, overgrown and scary places Kim went to get this Geumho River Monorail Bridge view. In yet another YouTube video, after dark views are featured: Daegu Monorail - at night (2015)

Paldal Station, just north of the Geumho River crossing.

The spectacular canal-view from Children's Hall Station.

Moon over monorail. Note the well-lit station access to the left.

The moon over Sincheon River monorail bridge, which was built over an existing vehicle bridge. Congratulations Daegu on the completion of one of the world's most spectacular monorail systems. Your fine example will no doubt be copied!

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