Construction Gallery - Las Vegas, Nevada.
Sept. 22-25, 2002 photographs by Kim Pedersen

On the following six pages we'll follow the alignment construction moving south to north. The first pylons for track between Koval Road and Harrah's have been cast in place. The area in front of us, between Harrah's on the right and the Flamingo on the left, will be a challenging narrow corridor to construct in. Monorail will fit though!

On Sands Avenue pylon holes are being dug with Granite Construction's special drill unit.

At the Chamber of Commerce a sleek crossover switch platform has taken shape. Scaffolding has just been removed.

A tight 90 degree turn onto Paradise Road starts in the Chamber's parking lot.

The turn will feature these three straddle bents on Paradise Road. Click on "2" to continue the tour northward.

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photographs copyright the Monorail Society

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