Kuala Lumpur Monorail - a Photo Essay
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Here are three of the colorful two-car trains of KL Monorail. The maintenance bay is an efficient arrangement, designed for easy access to all parts of the trains.

Bogies can be lowered from beneath the train on the blue section of beam in the background, then rotated and rolled out onto the steel beam in the foreground. Mechanics are able to easily reach any part of the Seattle Alweg-derived bogie.

Drivers have an elegant, yet simple control panel to monitor as they pilot trains along the 8.6 km route.

We were granted the rare privilege of riding KL Monorail with the driver along the entire route from end to end.

Once again we have a monorail following a river, as several before have done. This was first pioneered by the 1901 Wuppertal Schwebebahn.

photograph by David M. Ice
After crossing the Kelang River, the monorail negotiates between several modern skyscrapers of the Maharajalela district. The majority of the monorail trains have advertising purchased by Malaysia Airlines. The airline's destinations are depicted in colorful ways, as this dragon highlights their service to China.

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