Kuala Lumpur Monorail - a Photo Essay
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another Monorail Society Exclusive!

The entire alphabet was being added to this stretch of pylons through downtown while we visited, part of another advertising deal. Letters were fabricated at the MTrans manufacturing plant. I took unofficial ownership of this pylon.

photograph by David M. Ice
Some might be consider this overkill; advertising on pylon covers, station sponsorships, train sponsorships, and suspended banners.

Monorail noise is not a factor at all. Trains are quiet as most monorails are. However, KL motor bikes are different story.

It's raining, but that doesn't slow down the monorail from speeding along the tree-lined route.

Yep, that's rain. On the right is a hill that I climbed carefully several times to shoot video, photographs and Quicktime panoramas (see our Panorama Pages for several Malaysia panoramas).

Bukit Nanas Station, as seen from the previously-mentioned hill. Let's see, would I want to be in a car stuck in that traffic, or speeding above in an air-conditioned monorail?

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