Kuala Lumpur Monorail - a Photo Essay
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photograph by Gordon Dixon
David M. Ice and Kim Pedersen, in a shot probably taken during our first five minutes outside. Why do I say that? Because we're still dry. The locals are easy to spot, they don't sweat like us tourists.

Here comes my favorite train, the New York Taxi. No matter how hazy it would get, you could always see the yellow train from great distances. In the distance is Raja Chulan Station, in the heart of the hotel district.

Raja Chulan Station.

The elegant lines of a KL Monorail station, built right over an major city street.

Supposedly one of the reasons monorail was selected this alignment was because they didn't want the already-in-place trees lining Jin Sultan Ismail removed or disturbed.

Kuala Lumpur is not flat, and the monorail negotiates not only hills, but many artful curves.

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