Kuala Lumpur Monorail - a Photo Essay
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The same turn, from a lower angle. Look out, you're being watched.

From the fifteenth floor, this wide shot shows Bukit Bintang Station, as well as the skyline of modern Kuala Lumpur. KL Tower can be seen in the distance, where we took more photos and videos from.

Zoomed view of Bukit Bintang Station. Because owners of the shopping center on the right side of the street didn't "get it," a convoluted series of pedestrian walkways must be negotiated to get to the station from the east side of the street. However, provisions for a future entrance on the east have been included in case the shopping center owners see the wisdom of monorail riders having direct access to their property. A gigantic new shopping/hotel development nearby, Time Square, allows riders to walk directly into their center.

Bukit Bintang Station is in the heart of a very popular shopping district. The sidewalk to the right is completely covered in vegetation and colorfully lit at night. Pedestrians walk between cafes and other small businesses of Bintang Walk.

Here comes the dragon train again. Note the median landscaping.

Another view of the median landscaping.

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