Kuala Lumpur Monorail - a Photo Essay
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Hot and humid tropic environments have a wonderful benefit, the color green.

Same place, as seen from the vegetation of Bintang walk.

I'm so proud of this shot. It's my photo art shot. Peekaboo!

Even the stations of the KL Monorail don't require support pylons of massive dimensions. Note the couple walking into traffic. Jaywalking is the rule in Malaysia, and it is truly frightening to watch, especially when tourists attempt it. By the way, anyone thirsty yet?

All stations are open air. Tent-like covers allow light to filter through and also keep passengers dry during thunderstorms. They get pretty hot though, so some fans would be a welcome addition. Once inside the trains, excellent air-conditioning cools everyone down. If you can't climb stairs, forget the KL Monorail. There are some escalators, but stairs still must be negotiated in stations. Malaysia has not committed to disabled-friendly structures yet. When that happens, KL Monorail spokesmen say they will alter the station access accordingly.

Looking north from Bukit Bintang Station. Unlike the monorails of Japan, long spans are not made of steel. Note the long distance between these two pylons over this intersection span.

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