Kuala Lumpur Monorail - a Photo Essay
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The passenger cabin allows fantastic views in all directions, including the popular over-the-driver's-shoulders view forward. You may ask why the monorail isn't automated? In Malaysia, labor is plentiful and therefore the more economic choice.

We're approaching Hang Tuah station, the fourth of eleven stations on the route.

photograph courtesy of KL Monorail
Yeh Bee and Kenneth discuss business as we ride along the route. The center seat also serves as a cover of the load-bearing wheels.

No one loves riding monorails more than children. This family was only onboard between two stations, but these three brothers had their eyes fixated out the window for almost every second of the trip.

photograph by David M. Ice
Several 90-degree turns are on the KL Monorail. This one is located right next to our hotel, so we spent many hours watching trains negotiate the turn, with surprising speed because of the bank of the track. Some of these photos are a bit dark because they were taken during the cloudy afternoon, when storms roll across the countryside.

The Monorail Society's temporary headquarters while in Malaysia, the Park Royal Hotel.

We were able to take many great video and still shots from our hotel rooms, including this one looking down on the turn. More hotel views ahead!

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